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Squid Girl
Ika musume
Artwork of Squid Girl




drowin's version
ge0ge0's version


Squid Girl

Squid Girl (known in Japan as Ika Musume) is a girl who comes from the sea with plans to invade humanity as punishment for the pollution done to the sea. However, after causing damage to a beach house, she is forced to work as a waitress to pay for the damages and also sleeps at the Aizawa residence.

She can use her tentacles to carry many plates at once while working at the beach house. Drawing with her tentacles results in hyper-detailed masterpieces. She highly excels at physical activities such as volleyball and drumming. Despite her usual naivety, she also displays a high level of intelligence occasionally, it is revealed she is a mathematical genius, capable of working with such functions as the Fourier analysis and the Poisson summation formula. Chizuru also notes how quickly she learned how to speak Japanese and interact with humans. She also often tends to end her sentences with "de geso".

In M.U.G.E.N, Squid Girl has been made three times, usually under her Japanese name. The most common one seen used is drowin's version.



In battle, Ika Musume's AI is extremely brutal, being able to very effectively chain attacks. Since all of her attacks revolve around her tentacles and ink, she has control over the entire field, and can easily dominate other characters who can be hitstunned with constant repeated blows. Her attacks can be very spammable, but luckily the frames between attacks allow a player to guard assuming she has not locked a player in an infinite (which the AI will often drop for no reason, allowing an escape). She does have a very weak close range slap, however most of her tentacle based attacks can link into her other tentacle based attacks, leaving very little reason to use it, however the ink puddle lasts a few seconds, allowing her to lock a player in a location or simply leave a momentary trap. She can both hit high into the air, across the field, on both sides of her at once, close range, long range, and projectile ink, all without having to move an inch. Despite this, she is very mobile and will often be jumping around the arena launching aerials. It is recommended not to use aerial maneuvers or jump, as she can very easily dominate the sky.







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