Idiot is a spriteswapper that has made a plentiful amount of spriteswaps, and is infamous due to 67WRD beating up his sub-par spriteswap characters. Idiot's name is somewhat ironic, for they are considered an "idiot" by the M.U.G.E.N community in general due to their plethora of critically-panned characters, all of which are spriteswaps.



  • Barakabob
  • Evil Waddle Dee
  • Hornet Patrick
  • Kung Fu Dedede
  • Kung Fu Spongebob
  • Kurodedemaru
  • Lois Griffin
  • Mallow Odie
  • Mugen Toons
  • Not Fat Albert
  • Not Momasusta
  • Peter Chicken Cartwheel Thing
  • pic1
  • Retarded Giygas
  • Retarded Luigi
  • Retarded Sonic
  • Retarded Super Luigi
  • Retarded Wario
  • Retarded Waluigi
  • SlashBob
  • Snivy
  • Shao Kahn Spongebob
  • Sub-Patrick
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Kung Fu Homer
  • Idiot Chicken
  • Symbiote Barney

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