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Human Grunt
A Human Grunt as he appears in Half-Life: Source


Ninja Naruto

Oldest version

Ninja Naruto's version (2006)

Newest version

Ninja Naruto's version (2006)



The Human Grunt is an enemy type that appears in the Half-Life series. They are military soldiers who's main objective is to kill Gordon Freeman and any other scientists that took part in the catastrophic events that created the portal to an alien world called Xen and plunged the world into chaos.

In M.U.G.E.N, the Human Grunt has been created once by Ninja Naruto.

Ninja Naruto's version


With only four attacks at its disposal and a Reload move that fills up the Power meter, there's not a lot to expect from this character. It uses the model from Half-Life: Source for its sprites, which are animated surprisingly well, though the character itself is a bit strange, functioning at its fullest during only the first round.

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