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A HD character using Histoire's 3D model from Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 rendered in 2D, Histoire is a very erratic character with a button count that matches her amount of attacks, having a grand total of seven attacks, including weak melee attacks, projectile attacks that are almost guaranteed to hit the opponent and a near-unavoidable Hyper.

Histoire (Histoire)
Character portrait


Dark Ruler


Dark Ruler's M.U.G.E.N Creation





Histoire is a seven-button character, using all six attack buttons and the (S)Button-s button to attack, with (A)Button-a and (S)Button-s being used for melee attacks, (B)Button-b, (C)Button-c, (X)Button-x and (Y)Button-y being used for projectile attacks that spawn at the opponent's location and (Z)Button-z being used for a Hyper, though for some reason, all projectile attacks are attributed as Hypers despite not behaving like a Hyper or using up Power. Histoire has no Specials or moves other than the ones activated with a single button press and cannot attack while crouching or airborne, meaning she has a total of seven attacks.

The projectile attacks are attacks that spawn at the opponent's location almost immediately after the button is pressed, which effectively means the opponent is guaranteed to get hit unless they have invinciblity frames at the time the attack is activated, and two of them are also unblockable. The four projectile attacks are virtually identical but deal a varying amount of damage and hits, and they all have a short cooldown period before the attack can be used again, with (C)Button-c's cooldown period being significantly longer than the others. The projectile attacks can be chained, allowing the palyer to deal huge damage by just mashing the buttons that activate projectile attacks. Out of all projectile attacks.

The melee attacks are almost completely usesless because they are slow, have a short range and cannot combo into any attacks. Histoire's only actual Hyper is unblockable and near-impossible to avoid and consists of two hits, with the second hit strangely dealing less damage if the opponent doesn't recover from the first hit's knockdown before the second hit; the attack deals a lot of damage for the amount of Power it uses, making it cheap.

Histoire has no custom A.I. and uses the engine's default, which means she mostly jumps around and blocks and doesn't attack often, making her fairly easy to beat, though the projectile attacks which effectively almost guarantee damage and hitstun and the almost unavoidable Hyper can prove to be a nuisance.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Shine (B)Button-b ProjTrackingSoftknockdown*
Name Command Input Properties
Fire (C)Button-c ProjTrackingSoftknockdown*
Name Command Input Properties
Ice (X)Button-x ProjUnblockableTrackingSoftknockdown*
Name Command Input Properties
Wind Storm (Y)Button-y ProjUnblockableTrackingSoftknockdown*
Name Command Input Properties
Hyper Dash (Z)Button-z ProjUnblockableInvincible*OtgiconSoftknockdown
Uses 1000 Power

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Victory quotes

This character does not have any victory quotes, meaning it uses the screenpack's default.



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