Hina's artwork from DoDonPachi Saidaioujou



Oldest version

Oyaji's version

Newest version

Oyaji's version


DoDonPachi Saidaioujou

This article is about the character from DoDonPachi. For the character from Touhou Project, see Hina Kagiyama.

Hina (Extra Z-002 "Hina") is the final boss from DoDonPachi Saidaioujou.

She is an advanced Elemental Doll, and along with her "sister" Saya they were developed to be the ultimate Elemental Dolls to help and serve humans. However, during a drill she hits a logical paradox due to an order to eliminate the human pilot, being then kept in stasis for analysis but breaking free later. After some years, she launches an attack against the humans, intending to replace them with what she believes are "better forms". The DonPachi Corps are then sent to fight the mechanized forces and Hina.

In M.U.G.E.N, Hina has been made by oyaji.

Oyaji's version

Hina Idle

Oyaji's Hina uses full original sprites and sound effects ripped from DoDonPachi Saidaioujou.


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