Hectic Highway
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Hectic Highway is a fictional and original highway. The highway is mostly a bridge that leads cars across a vast ocean to far away destinations. If the fast paced traffic ends up being too much for you, you can take the pedestrian sidewalk found adjacent to the highway.

In M.U.G.E.N, Hectic Highway has been created by aMAXproduction. The stage’s sprites are made up of both images online, like the cars and sky, as well as custom-made sprites by aMAXproduction, like the bridge and street signs. The players are placed on the sidewalk with a view of the highway in the background. There are a total of eight layers in the entire stage. The furthest forward layer is the sidewalk and its adjacent guardrail. Behind that is a layer for the stop sign, pedestrian crossing sign, and speed limit sign. All of which are closer to the sidewalk than the actual road for some reason. Further behind those is the massive concrete structure that is the highway. On top of the highway are two separate sets of fast moving cars, trucks, and buses. One set moves from right to left while the other moves from left to right. The layer behind that is one for an airplane that can be seen moving across the sky overhead. Finally, behind that, is the sea and the sky, both of which move right to left at separate slow speeds.

Background Music

The music used is the main theme for the game Top Gear 2.


  • According to aMAXproduction, Hectic Highway, like Spooky Scary Skeletons, was created because he was disappointed by a similar stage. The stage he was disappointed by was Dizzy's Central Highway based off the first stage of Mega Man X. The stage is very well put together and has a lot of movement. However, because of all this movement, the stage would cause battles to lag greatly.