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Heavy D!
Heavy D!
Artwork from The King of Fighters '98



Oldest version

3ha's version (2000)

Newest version

Zhe Prime's version (2017)


The King of Fighters

Heavy D! is a pugilist and a ex-professional boxer from the The King of Fighters series.

He was banned from normal boxing because he seriously injured one of his foes during battle; He received a invitation for the The King of Fighters '94 tournament, creating the American Sports Team. As a running gag, his team is set to appear in most King of Fighters tournaments, but their invitations are constantly stolen from them by other teams.

In M.U.G.E.N, Heavy D! has been made by various authors, all of them with his The King of Fighters '98 appearance.

Ahuron's version


This iteration of D! is The King of Fighters 2002: UM-styled, and thus sports mechanics such as the Guard Cancel and Max Mode; an interesting feature in D!'s array of techniques is a move that powers up any of his other Specials.

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