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Hatate Himekaidou
Artwork from Double Spoiler




Nenmin's version


Touhou Project

Hatate Himekaidou is a crow tengu newsreporter from Touhou Project. She first appears in Double Spoiler as the final boss and playable character. She has a bitter rivalry with Aya Shameimaru over their newspapers.

Hatate runs her own newspaper called Kakashi Spirit News. Unlike Aya, who personally investigates events and gathers research on the field, Hatate never ventures outside. Instead, Hatate uses her ability of "thoughtography" to collect information with the aid of a device that bears a strong resemblance to a cellphone, by inputting keywords to find associated photos (much in the same way as how one would perform a Google image search). During the events of Double Spoiler, Hatate reads Aya's newspaper and goes outside to observe Aya's method of collecting information for her articles, only to discover Aya's tendency to exaggerate and/or cause events.

In M.U.G.E.N, Hatate was made by Nenmin.


Hatate Idle

Hatate has similar physical attacks to Nenmin's Letty Whiterock, but the similarities end there, as her other attacks are completely different. Although she lacks many attacks that utilize projectiles, she has a second feature: Hatate can take pictures of her opponent in the middle of combat, interrupting them and providing a short moment of stun. This is her greatest strength, and the way she gains power fastest, as it allows her to control her opponent to some extent, stopping them from acting and making it easy to trap and corner the enemy. Her disadvantages include her spellcard supers/hypers being very specialized in nature, with only one of them being capable of dealing heavy damage to the opponent.

Her AI is surprisingly strong, and will regularly attempt to break out of combos and disorient the opponent by stunning them, especially when up close.






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