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Hastur's Hyper Portrait






Hastur (also referred as The Unspeakable One) is a Joke Character created by Apelao. He is basically Mizuchi, more specifically an edit from Apollo Mizuchi, but with a purple color palette and buffed up.


Although he is quite powerful, Hastur is in fact a joke character to the core, parodying most, if not all of the very cheap characters in MUGEN overall. He has some typical Orochi moves such as Orochi Pilla, however his main feature of parodying other characters is using their own moves.

Among those moves are several from Rare Akuma (notably an adaptation of the Shun Goku Satsu, Misogi, Katamari and moon/Death Star helper), can summon a Death Star, juniors AND a double (in a negative color palette) to help him around during battle, the 'claws' from The Pacifier, the black hole, triple blast, Black Beam and a Darkja-like attacks from Alsiel, Apollo Mizuchi's 'Shattering Glass' and an A-Bomb-like explosion.

His lighter moves includes projectiles with the image of Orochi/Mizuchi (similar to the attacks from Fleet Of Legend Alma Orochi's), a Hadouken-like blast and with each punch/kick he also fires a projectile of Mizuchi away. He also has a wide array of intros and winposes, some of them were also taken from Rare Akuma (like the Final Fantasy winpose, Benny Hill chase winpose and several intros), but also from Alsiel, Chuck Norris and Omega Tiger Woods, next to the basic Orochi/Mizuchi winposes, although he usually disappears after them (Which is seen mostly by Phantom Mizuchi, although one winpose has him disappear in a similar fashion like ALSIEL).


Regular MovesEdit

a: Jab

b,x,y,z: Launch Mizuchi

c: Rare Roll

start: Pillar Spam

D,F,a: Fleet of Legend Alma Orochi's Clones

D,F,b: Walking Clones

D,F,c: Chuck Norris Teleport

D,F, x: Rare Skull Projectile

D,F, y: Orochi Harae

D,F, z: Body Slam

D,B, x: Explosion Pillar

D,B, y: Rare Burst Cannon

D,B, z: Summon Death Star


D,B, b: Orochi Glomp!

D,B, c: God Tier Bladeless Chain Blade Transaxial Slice

D,D, anything: Teleport

(air) D,DF,F, x/y/z: Rare Projectile Spawning Kicks (Zankuu Hadouken)

F,B, a: Sphere

F,B, b: Anywhere Shield

F,B, c: Pillar Wave


F,B, y: Tama #1

F,B, z: Reversal Lasers

F,B, start: Actual Reversal

B,F, x: Aimed Orb Launch (randomly launches clones instead)

B,F, y: DNA orb launch

B,F, z: Vanishing Rush

B,F, a: Black Chain Explosions

B,F, b: White Chain Explosions

B,F, c: Energy Whip

B,F, start: Pacification

a+start: Clone

b+y: Mini Clone

Extra Flashy MovesEdit

D,B,D,B, z: Invoke End

D,B,D,B, b: Extra Rare Moon Drop

D,B,D,B, a: Extra Rare Moon Space Station Drop

B,D,B, any 2 punches: Dark Clone

F,D,F, any 2 kicks: Rare Messatsu Gou Shoryuu

F,D,F, any 2 punches: Invisible Dash

D,B, any 2 punches: Dark Lamentation

D,B, any 2 kicks: Rare Hurricane Kick

D,F, any 2 punches: Rare Raid (Tenma Gou Zankuu)

D,F, any 2 kicks: More Chaining Uppercuts

c+y: Rare Akuma Kongou Kokuretsu Zan

D,B, c+z: Black Hole

D,F, c+z: The Nuclear Option (A-Bomb)

a+x: Fleet Of Legend Alma Orochi's Final

b+x: Alsiel's Multidirectional Projectile Spam Cannon

a+y: Orochi Laser

c+z: All Break


B,F,B,F, a or b: Super Kick

B,F,B,F, x: Meteor Impact

D,D, start: Genocide Hell

D,F,D,F, start: Orochi Mind Raep

D,F,D,F, a: Dark Holyja

D,F,D,F, c: Apollo 13 (Shattering Glass)

D,B,D,B, c: Invoke More End (Purple Hell)

D,F,D,F, z: Soul Sucker

D,B,D,B, y: Posing Orochi Clone Ownage

D,F,D,F, b: Extra Strength Gravity Oomiwa

D,F,D,F, y: Destruction Ray

D,F,D,F, x: Cheapja/Darkja

x,x,F,a,z: Shun Goku Satsu/Disco Trip Satsu

B,F,D,DF,F,a/b/c: Rare Misogi


Hastur can be beaten in the first five palettes by any character, provided there are no OHKO moves made by the former. Latter palettes however make him far tougher to beat to parody the 'invincible 12th palette syndrome' bestowed on many character edits (primarily the cheaper variations of the infamous God Orochi.


The first five palettes can be controlled by the player which allows for testing movements or just playing him through this while also allowing opponents a fighting opponents. At the four or fifth palette, there are also chances that Hastur uses the Chuck Norris-style teleport to avoid a beam attack or anything that hits multiple times, making him an effective combo breaker.

Palettes 6 to 9 is where the AI takes over and Hastur is far tougher to beat.

Palette 10 is where Hastur parodies Alsiel with the multiple auras and the common fact of being nigh-invincible. Upon hit, a high-pitched voice is heard, which is taken from Devils Eye. He also has a helper which is an actual eye seen with some of Devils Eye's moves, which replaces the Death Star helper. There is also no doppelganger in this palette.

Palette 12 is where Hastur is at his strongest, just attacking with all he has and likes to summon his doppelganger and the Death Star on regular basis. Instead of an aura, Hastur here has a simple set of afterimages which zone out rapidly on continuous basis. When hit, there are multiple high-pitched sounds heard, mainly a mix of the regular Orochi/Mizuchi voices, but the voice of when Devils Eye is hit is heard as well, along with some other voices.

Palette 11 however is different; it is like palette 12, but the palette is an inverted palette of G-Orochi ver.Final and at the start of the battle four clones are instantly brought into battle (one in red, one in green, one in blue and one in yellow) which instantly attack the opponent with the majority of Hastur's moves. The clones do not use the more dangerous OHKOs of Hastur himself, with the exception of the A-Bomb explosion (which the Doppelganger can do as well).


Hastur 12p vs Blue Colonel 12p02:19

Hastur 12p vs Blue Colonel 12p

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