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Hanging Gardens
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Hanging Gardens is one of the stages from the fighting game BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 created by Darek.


The stage itself is set ontop of a rooftop garden within the city area and also serves as the home stage for Tsubaki Yayoi. When you first enter the stage, you get an overlay just like in the original game for a few seconds; This overlay shows a letterbox screen with the stage name on the top left cornor of the stage and "The 13th Hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-2" on the bottem right corner of the screen.

There is several animation that happens thought the stage. Starting from the far left, we see several animals next to a bridge moving and interacting with each other both on the ground and in the trees.

Then as we go from the left to the right, we can see in the distance several huge fountains all passing water down though waterfall like passages as steam from the hitting water is passed thought the background. Around the centre there are two giant statues with more fountains underneath them.

As we get to the far fight of the stage, we get to see several building in the distance as well as another bridge which leads to the otherside where all the fountains and statues are.


Unlike the original stage from the game, all elements of the original 3D scene have been adapted all the elements and animations to 2D.

This stage is also known to cause some lag. Be wary when downloading.


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