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KEKUWEKKA's version (2012)

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KEKUWEKKA's version (2012)



Hammuh is a crudely-drawn cartoon hammer with a cheesy grin and two black dots for eyes.

Hammuh has a very sadistic personality, getting enjoyment and excitement out of harming other beings and objects, while sporting a somewhat contradictory facial expression. He is the supreme ruler of the Tengogalax universe, most likely due to his unrivalled power. The destruction of other universes amuses him greatly.

In M.U.G.E.N, Hammuh has been made by KEKUWEKKA. Likewise with Omegarotom, KEKUWEKKA believed that Hammuh was the "perfect" character at the time of release purely because it can easily K.O. an opponent. As stated by KEKUWEKKA, it took only a few seconds to create Hammuh's very limited amount of sprites.

KEKUWEKKA's version


Taking to heart what was once said about hammers being untouchable, this strange little hammer comes from the depths of the fictional Tengogalax universe to bring a total lack of collision hitboxes (and balance) to the battle. Hammuh ruthlessly attacks the opponent without moving an inch, grinning sadistically as its opponent suffers endlessly.