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The Hamburglar
The Hamburglar!




Funny Hamburglar
五右衛門's Hamburglar



Hamburglar is a supposedly pint-sized burglar who first appeared in March 1971. He was one of the first villains in the McDonald's commercials. He was dressed in a black-and-white hooped shirt and pants, a red cape, a wide-brimmed hat, and red gloves. His primary object of theft was hamburgers, hence his name. The character, like Grimace, started out as a villain, only he was old, had a long nose, gray hair, and was called the Lone Jogger in some 1970s commercials, sporting a shirt that said "Lone Jogger". Hamburglar spoke in gibberish which was often translated by Captain Crook. He was revised in 1985, when his look changed from a troll-like old man to a red-headed Dennis the Menace-type child who spoke and wore a shorter-brimmed hat and a black cape with yellow on the inside.

In M.U.G.E.N, Hamburglar has been made three times.

五右衛門's Hamburglar


This version of Hamburglar is the first version that was ever released. It lacks various animations such as walking, jumping and getting hurt. His attacks have codings from Ronald McDonald's assist of Hamburglar such as throwing hamburgers.

Funny Hamburglar


Funny Hamburglar is a slightly better version of Hamburglar, this version has more voice clips and more hand drawn sprites. However some sprites are poorly drawn such as the jumping sprite. Funny Hamburglar has only has one attack and lacks various attacks such as kicking, ducking attacks, air attacks and hypers.

BaconIsAwesome's edit

BaconIsAwesome made an edit of Funny Hamburglar. It's a better version with a slightly better jumping sprite.

Now, it has a better main palette order. It is now a six-buttoned character and it has a hyper and a hyper portrait. Although it has stolen coding from Mr. Krabs, it is better than all the versions available.


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