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Halloween is one of the stages from the fighting game BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 created by Darek.

The stage is set outside of the Moonlight Castle where the players fight in the centre of a circular flowerbed of roses, this stage also serves as the main stage for Rachel Alucard. When you first enter the stage, you get an overlay just like in the original game for a few seconds; This overlay shows a letterbox screen with the stage name on the top left cornor of the stage and "The 13th Hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA Unknown" on the bottem right corner of the screen.

Starting from the far left we see several orange greenhouse domes that are shaped like giant pumpkins which hide behiend a metal fence. In front of this metal fence shows several lanterns which flicker as pumpkin shaped creatures on top of the lanterns blink and occationally laugh with an evil grin. As we get to the centre of the stage, we see in the distance the main castle where Rachel Alucard lives as a giant blue moon shines above making parts of the castle glow in the moonlight. As we then reach the far right of the stage, we see more lanterns which are shown in front of a giant building which shows another part of the castle which is not shown. As all of this is happening, several rose pedels fly off the flowerbed as the battle progress.

Unlike the original stage from the game, all elements of the original 3D scene have been adapted all the elements and animations to 2D.

Background music

This music used is the instrumental version of the song Queen of Rose (know also as Shinku no Boukansha) from the original BlazBlue game.

Blazblue Halloween


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