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Gyromite is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that was one of two games to utilize Nintendo’s Robotic Operating Buddy (better known as R.O.B.). In the game the player controls the main character Hector as you try to navigate the level. R.O.B., or a second player, would control the level itself by raising and lowering pipes so Hector can get through. R.O.B. specifically would press the A and B buttons by dropping top-like objects called Gyros on top of them, hence the name Gyromite.

In M.U.G.E.N, Gyromite has been created by aMAXproduction. The stage uses sprites taken straight from Gyromite while creating its own elements like the pattern on the floor. The stage is fully animated with dynamite fizzling in the background while Hector and a Smick (the common enemy in Gyromite) stand in the foreground watching the battle. The Smick has a 2-framed idle animation and Hector will occasionally blink. In the stage, there are a lot of pipes: two in the foreground and a bunch in the background. After a certain amount of time passes, the pipes will swap back and forth. For example, they will constantly switch so that the red pipes will be up and the blue pipes will be down, and after some time passes the red pipes will then move down and the blue pipes will move up.

Background Music

The music used is the stage theme from Gyromite.


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