Guts Man
Artwork from Street Fighter x All Capcom



Oldest version

OnslaughtX & Kung Fu Man's version (2006)

Newest version

DxWho's version (2007)


Mega Man

Guts Man is a robot master from the Mega Man series. He appears as a large, buff looking robot. He was originally built by Dr. Light as a construction robot that would work alongside Bomb Man, but he was later reprogrammed into one of Dr. Wily's robot masters. He grants the Super Arm weapon to Mega Man when beaten.

In addition, there have been many different variants of Guts Man in various other games, such as the Guts Tank, as well as Guts Man G. His personality is akin to a real life construction worker, being rather brash, but passionate about his job. He has also appeared in both installments of Mega Man: The Power Battle as well as every episode of the Ruby-Spears cartoon.

In M.U.G.E.N, Guts Man was made twice, as a collaboration between OnslaughtX & Kung Fu Man, using sprites from Mega Man: The Power Battle, and by DxWho, based off the first Mega Man game. He was also set to be featured in Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem, but the project is currently inactive. He also appears as a striker in Excursion's version of Cut Man.

OnslaughtX & Kung Fu Man's version


This version of Guts Man is seemingly based off Mega Man: The Power Battle. As such the sprites are from said game. However, Guts Man was never playable in said game, so the creators gave it custom gameplay, doing away with punches and kicks.


DxWho's version


Based off its original NES incarnation and befitting of its original role as a boss, Guts Man here plays like one, with various powerful Attacks available at the press of a button. With no pain in fighting this character comes no gain, but it can't block or move normally, unlike other characters.

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