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Andrés Borghi


Bosque muerto*



Gustavo is a joke character which was created by Andrés Borghi. The character itself is a creature called Gustavo who after eating a chocolate cake gave him terrible stomach ache and is trying to get to a near-by toilet as soon as possible. However when he reaches his goal, he is stopped by a large group of fighters who all want to fight him giving him no choice but to hold it in.

Andrés Borghi's version

Because of Gustavo's stomach ache, it has effected his ability to fight causing him to move very slowly, launch very weak and delayed punches and kicks and also causes him to hardly jump in the air. However, in this state he gets access to his most powerful attack which can only be done when he is hit by the opponent. Every time an opponent hits him, he will release an unblockable toxic gas which will float into the air until it either hits the opponent or evaporates after a period of time; the more hits Gustavo takes, the bigger and more powerful the toxic gas will be.

Because of this attack, it can make battles against him difficult as you are putting yourself in danger if you attack too often, the best way to defeat Gustavo is to attack him carefully, and avoid the gas attacks at the same time. Also, if you are playing as Gustavo, you must keep an eye on your health bar due to his gas attack only working when he takes damage, you need to make sure you don't take enough hits to get K.O'ed.