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Griffin House
Peter has yet another fight with Big Chicken on Warner's Griffin House




Warner's version
Xedarts' low-res version
Xedarts' hi-res version





Super Jump




The Griffin House is a prominent location in the Family Guy series. It is the home of the Griffin family and thus appears in the vast majority of episodes, as well as being the place where many of the series gags take place. One of more notable gags involved Peter Griffin's shenanigans inadvertently destroying the front of Cleveland's house directly across the street while Cleveland was taking a bath, causing the bath to slowly slide down from the 1st floor and fall to the ground.

In M.U.G.E.N, the Griffin House has been created by Warner and Xedarts. Warner's version only functions in M.U.G.E.N 1.0, while Xedarts' version has both low-res and high-res variants.

Warner's version

This version of the stage has the combatants fight in the front yard of the house with all of the members of the Griffin family except Peter Griffin standing in the background.

Xedarts' version

This version has the combatants fight while facing the house at an angle, because of this, the fight can extend to taking place in the road to the left.


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