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Artwork from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum




Ahuron's version is currently unavailable
MDK's version


Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

Goodman is the main antagonist in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, the president of WAREZ and a man aiming to claim NeoGeo world's 'awesome' power all to himself.

He possesses a flame whip and uses it to control a purple monkey spirit known as the Saru Ou, which attacks independently of him. By inputting commands while the spirit is attacking, the spirit can be ordered to chain attacks into each other for even more damage. The flame whip also momentarily stuns his opponents when it impacts. Even though his moveset is very limited, he is still a credible threat to most characters.

In M.U.G.E.N, Goodman has been made by Ahuron, Websta, and MDK.

Websta's version


A 5-button character that can't jump nor crouch, this version of Goodman relies on Saru Ou for most of its attacks and it has a sole Hyper used to power up his moves.


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