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Artwork from Godzilla (2014 video game)




Sugila's version is currently unavailable
EX version
TIS2012's edit
BaganSmashBros's version



Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese) is a famous Japanese Kaiju created by nuclear energy from scientists. He is well known for destroying buildings and causing massive destruction. His first appearance was in Ishirō Honda's film, Godzilla. He was also seen in a movie where he battles King Kong.

In M.U.G.E.N, Godzilla has been made by various authors.

SnowWolf's version

SnowWolf's Godzilla Ex is a grappler with projectile spam, 3 Hypers (one of them being a grab), and a fatal which the A.I. triggers as soon as he gains 3000 power. Though Godzilla's A.I. is brutal, it is also very reckless. Often he would spam his grabbing Hyper and rush towards the opponent without even thinking. Although Godzilla Ex spams projectiles, he is still somewhat vulnerable far away; however, his fatal attack is inescapable once activated and will one shot the opponent no matter what.


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