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God Orochi
Screenshot of God Orochi







God Orochi is an edit of Orochi that was likely to be inspired by a statement from the developers of The King of Fighters '97 that Orochi was only using a fraction of its full power during its appearance as a boss in that game. Considering the fact that Orochi would be almost unbeatable in that incarnation if not for very poor A.I., God Orochi was probably created as a visualization of Orochi at his full power.

God Orochi has ended up inspiring many Prefixed Characters, and his signature aura is something that has been replicated in many of these characters. The release and notoriety of God Orochi fueled a M.U.G.E.N arms race of sorts to create even more powerful Orochi edits, all of which try to outdo the other in flashy, overpowered attacks. However, over recent years, interest in this arms race has died down and now seems to have been replaced with the Ronald McDonald edit race.


Each package contains two DEF files. One set is for the regular God Orochi, the second is for Boss God Orochi.

The latter does more damage, has longer lived-projectiles and can spam his homing orbs and shield projectile. His AI also does the more dangerous moves more often.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

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Name Command Input Properties
Orochi Skull Pillar
Chain Explosion Spark
Homing Orb Generator Spark
5 Homing Orbs
5 Shield Projectiles
Teleport Button-D Button-D Button-Punch or
Button-D Button-D Button-Kick


Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Name Command Input Properties
Oomiwa QCF QCF Button-LK or
Uses 1000 power.
Marukare QCF QCF Button-LP or
Uses 1000 power.
Shin Ookami QCB QCB Button-LP or
Uses 2000 power.
Orochi Spark HCB Button-LP+Button-MP Uses 3000 power.
Overlimit HCB Button-MK+Button-HK Uses 4000 power.
Orochi Impact HCB Button-MP+Button-HP Uses 4000 power.

Notable Edits

God Orochi has spawned a whole host of god-tier edits aiming to outcheap it in any way possible, in a seemingly neverending arms race to produce the flashiest and cheapest character ever made in M.U.G.E.N. Note that all these characters should not be pitted against regular characters - some will overwhelm them, some will cook them with hurting auras and some of them will kill them immediately at the beginning of the match.

Desusuta Orochi


A very cheap edit of God Orochi, which can kill its opponents instantly due to its extreme high stats. Nearly impossible to kill by normal means.

Alma Orochi

Main Article: Alma Orochi

Alma Orochi

Alma Orochi, as the name suggests, is a God Orochi edit by Alma with even more moves, even more regeneration, supers that need no power and the signature "hurting aura" of cheaper God Orochi edits. It was one of the first characters to outcheap God Orochi.

This edit should only be placed up against other "god-tier" characters, and even then it is on the low end of the scale, being easily crushed by characters such as ONI-MIKO-ZERO.

Fake Golden Orochi

Main Article: Fake Golden Orochi


Most Gold characters are prefixed characters with even more powerful traits then their brethren. However, this character apears to have been made as a prank to fool people looking for even more powerful God Orochi edits. It lacks regeneration, its "spark" attacks fade after a pitiful distance and its most dangerous supers need low health.

However, whether intended or not, the character has been balanced as a boss character, and can now be fought using regular characters. Fake Golden Orochi thus does not need to be struck off the roster for Arcade Mode.



Also known as The Unspeakable One, Hastur looks like a serious God Orochi edit, but is actually a parody of many other God-tier characters. With a massively large movelist consisting of strangely familiar moves, Orochi projectiles, overtly cheap attacks and a super bar that seems to be way too full, Hastur is one of the most hilarious Orochi edits to have on a roster.

However, do not be fooled - many of those attacks will instantly kill any character. The cheap element is still present in this edit - even if it is a parody. The 12p modes rival those of significantly more dangerous Orochi edits, including the use of clones.


Main Article: Joutenchi 


An even more souped-up edit of God Orochi, Joutenchi is the supposed fusion of Orochi and Mizuchi into a god-tier character. Possessing even more supers and supers designed to be linked into other moves, he is an even more dangerous threat than the original (though not as much as Alma Orochi or some other edits).

To make things worse, he boasts an extremely flashy instant kill super that is designed to link off an unblockable grab super. Thankfully, the power cost is prohibitive.

However, what makes him truly special is Paragon Mode. Activating Paragon Mode soups up all of his moves for 30 seconds - turning many powerful supers into deadly ones. 12p mode is Permanent Paragon Mode, and is a rival to much cheaper edits.

God Alosson

Main Article: God Alosson


A powerful joke edit of Orochi, this edit is a direct edit based off of Fake Golden Orochi. Even through it is still beatable, it possesses a powerful random move set, from Omega Tiger Wood's Shrimp bus super to a storm of A-bombs to a Alosson Style Raging Demon.

Crazy Catastrophe

Main Article: Crazy Catastrophe

Crazy Catastrophe

A serious edit of Mizuchi, as the name implies, this crazy edit is a true member of the "Glorious God Orochi Race", this edit in terms of cheapness exceeds that of normal cheap edits and exceeds even above Chuck Norris, this edit is arguably one of the cheapest edits of Orochi/Mizuchi ever created, this is not all as this character also features its most dangerous 12p mode. This edit is extremely dangerous and should only be pitted with characters who match his cheapness.



This edit by Alma, made from a creation of Orochi Herman. It is an edit of Orochi that makes it rain and summons lightning to attack its opponents. Its initial form does pitifully weak damage due to the attack value in the CNS file having been depressed to 8. Restoring it to 100 quickly shows the damage that he can inflict as an Orochi edit. Nevertheless, the sheer range of his attacks and infinite super bar make him a Cheap Character.     

Deception Orochi

A joke edit and self-parody of God Orochi. Unlike most edits of God Orochi, Deception Orochi is not considered cheap, as all of its attacks hit or otherwise deal damage to itself rather than the opponent (often in humorous ways, such as pointing its own beam supers at its own face).

Other Edits

God Orochi was reworked in a more suped up version, commonly known as G-Orochi ver.Final, which has the 12P syndrome in turn. This version of God Orochi plays like the original, but its skin is dark gray to white, has an additional glow in the aura and has several new effects and his Homing projectiles have a shorter range. This version spawned a wide variation with other prefixes before it:

  • Eruption G Orochi
  • Vortex G Orochi
  • Demon God Orochi
  • The End Of God Heaven Orochi
  • Firmament G Orochi
  • Rainbow and Gold Twilight Orochi
  • Golden God Orochi
  • Worthy Trade Orochi

Or are named after divine beings that have normally no connection to Orochi himself at all:

  • Sahaquiel
  • Avalon
  • Leliel
  • Mercurius

And other edits are parodying such edits even more:

  • Parochi (a Dark Orochi edit with a voicepack from sounds of different clips commonly used in YouTube Poops)

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