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Giant Chicken
Ernie Big chicken
Artwork from Family Guy



Oldest version

Warner's version (2007)

Newest version

Aperson98's version


Family Guy

The Giant Chicken (aka Ernie) is a recurring villain in Family Guy. He is the arch enemy of the protagonist of the series, Peter Griffin. His rivalry with Peter started when he gave an expired coupon and got angry, and started beating him. Usually Peter wins most of the fights but the chicken manages to survive in one way or another.

In M.U.G.E.N, he was made by Warner and Judgespear. There also happens to be an MvC version, but it is unknown who edited it. There is an edited version by Aperson98, who plays like a SF3/SFA character.

Warner's versionEditicon


After numerous times of losing. Ernie manages to beat other fighters, learn a variety of moves, and will finally show that Peter Griffin should pay for what he done to him before, tricking him with an expired coupon.



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