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Ghost's radio persona, as depicted in the logo for True Capitalist Radio.


Black Kyurem


Black Kyurem's version



Ghost (real name unknown) is a wealthy American businessman from San Antonio, Texas and the host of the internet radio talk show True Capitalist Radio.

Ghost is a veteran of the Vietnam War and has a reputation for being short-tempered and taking a strong right-wing political stance. He began airing True Capitalist Radio in 2008 (then known as True Conservative Radio) with the intention of broadcasting news regarding American politics and the economy, though most of the shows focused around his far-right political stance and lashing out against anyone who did not share his views. Among his political views are strong pro-capitalist sentiments and harsh views of federal welfare programs designed to assist lower class Americans, which are only further reinforced by his own impersonations of racial stereotypes that are made on his show on a regular basis. These factors made him the target of numerous internet trolls, who would call in during his show with the intention of inciting his anger. This ultimately caused him to end the show in May 2012, going on nearly a 4 year hiatus until he began broadcasting new episodes as of March 25th, 2016. While he is prone to outbursts of anger that cause him to end the show prematurely, certain topics are known to set him off more than others including, but not limited to; Touhou Project, UNDERTALE, My Little Pony, the Vietnam War, Communism, criticism of U.S. President Donald Trump, audio splices of his own voice, and audio parodies of the True Capitalist Radio show's intro sequence.

In M.U.G.E.N, Ghost (True Capitalist Radio) has been made once by Black Kyurem.



Ghost is a headswap/spriteswap of Omega Tom Hanks. He also uses his assistant, the Engineer, as an assist. For his 12th palette, he has a OTHK code that allows him to defeat any kind of fighter, but it has some glitches.