When Tachi's Geno was originally released in 2008, he was very overpowered, but the character has been updated since to make him less overpowered; being very accurate to the source game, he is very projectile-oriented and has all but one of his special moves from the source game as Hypers, even coming with timed hits; on the other hand, the character's sound effects are ripped indirectly and still have background music from the game in them.

Geno (Geno)
Character portrait









Geno is a three-buton character with a rather strange button layout, using (X)Button-x, (Y)Button-y, and (A)Button-a, with (X)Button-x being used for light Normals, (Y)Button-y for medium Normals and (A)Button-a for heavy Normals; the character's moves are heavily based off Geno's moves from Super Mario RPG, meaning Geno's gameplay is projectile-oriented, with the majority of his attacks either being projectiles or melee attacks with a very long range. The character is notable for being very overpowered when he was originally released, though he has been updated and significantly nerfed since, with his damage output being reduced, attacks no longer dealing high chip damage and his ジーノカッター only being an OHKO if a button is pressed at the right time.

Being a character with a projectile-oriented gameplay, Geno's comboability is limited; while it's possible to chain light into medium into heavy attacks, it's not possible to perform long combos; in addition, Geno is unable to cancel Normals into Specials or Hypers; he has many projectile attacks and long-ranged attacks at his disposal, however, which can be spammed to keep the opponent away from Geno; there is also little variety between his Specials, though some of them have a long startup time, which limits their usefulness. Most of his projectiles are also rather small and dimly coloured, meaning stages with a dark background will give Geno an unfair advantage.

Geno has a move that is likely intended to be a Special but misattributed as a Normal, named 高速移動アタック in the Readme and activated with QCB (Y)Button-y; it allows Geno to cross the gap between Geno and the opponent and hit the opponent very easily. As for Geno's Hypers, they are unique in that they have timed hits, a mechanic from the Mario RPGs, which allow the player to increase the damage or effect of the Hyper if the player presses a button at the right time or holds the button down depending on the move; this can potentially double the damage of said Hypers, and in the case of ジーノカッター, OHKO the opponent, but the timing for said move to OHKO is very strict. These Hypers otherwise deal below average damage if the player fails to perform the timed hit. He is also able to boost his Attack by using ジーノウェーブ at the cost of only 1000 Power, and potentially also double his Defence if the timed hit is performed correctly, though said boosts can only be applied once every round and the Defence multiplier only applies after the second hit of a combo onwards due to the DefenceMulSet state controller working incorrectly.

Geno has a custom A.I. which can be configured by editing the geno-2.cns file and has 12 different settings, with 6 being the default; on the default setting, the A.I. jumps around often but rushes the opponent down and performs combos frequently, often using 高速移動アタック; the A.I. is even able to perform timed hits and tends to use ジーノウェーブ very freqently, often successfully performing the timed hit and making a fight against the A.I. significantly harder, but strangely, the A.I. can activate ジーノウェーブ while the buffs are already in effect, yet they do not stack, meaning the A.I. will often waste Power. When the A.I. setting is changed, the differences aren't very noticable because the behavior remains mostly the same.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the gap displays the hold duration if applicable.

This character's movelist is in a language other than English. English translations for attack names can be viewed by hovering the mouse cursor over the non-english text.


Name Command Input Properties
フィンガーショット QCF (X)Button-x (ground)
QCF (X)Button-x / (Y)Button-y (air)
Name Command Input Properties
ハンドガン QCF (Y)Button-y Proj
Name Command Input Properties
ハンドキャノン QCF (A)Button-a Proj
Name Command Input Properties
スターガン QCF (A)Button-a or
QCB (A)Button-a
QCF (A)Button-a version: Aironly
QCB (A)Button-a version: Airok


Name Command Input Properties
ジーノビーム QCF QCF (X)Button-x ProjHardknockdown
[ (X)Button-x ] while stars are onscreen to increase damage
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
ジーノカッター QCF QCF (Y)Button-y ProjUnblockableHardknockdown
Press (A)Button-a / (X)Button-x / (Y)Button-y at the right time (after the cutter hits) for an OHKO
Uses 2000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
ジーノブラスト QCF QCF (A)Button-a ProjHighAerialTrackingOtgiconHardknockdown
[ (A)Button-a ] while stars are onscreen to increase damage
Uses 3000 Power


Name Command Input Properties
高速移動 QCB (X)Button-x Invincible*
Name Command Input Properties
ジーノウェーブ QCB QCB (A)Button-a / (X)Button-x / (Y)Button-y Multiplies Attack by 1.5
Press (A)Button-a / (X)Button-x / (Y)Button-y while last arrows are disappearing to also multiply Defence by 2
Multipliers can only be applied once per round
Cannot be used while both Attack and Defence multipliers are in effect
Uses 1000 Power

Palette Gallery

geno1 geno2 geno3 (Sailor Cape)
geno4 (Fuzzy Cape) geno5 geno6
geno7 geno1 geno1
geno1 geno1 geno12 (Dark Geno)

Dark Geno


In this palette mode, the Attack and Defence multipliers gained from ジーノウェーブ are always in effect, and ジーノウェーブ can be used to increase Geno's Attack and Defence even further, resulting in 3 times as much Attack and 4 times as much Defence; in addition, Geno automatically gains Power at a slow rate, making him cheaper and making the A.I. more of a challenge to fight, or more unfair in case of an inexperienced player.

Victory quotes

This character does not have any victory quotes, meaning it uses the screenpack's default.



  • Two of Geno's palettes are based on the armor available for Geno in Super Mario RPG as seen in the game's Nintendo Player's Guide.


This character has not been edited.

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