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Tachi's version (2008)

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Tachi's version (2008)


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Geno (whose real name is ♥♪!?) is a major character and one of Mario's partners from the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Geno is technically owned by Square, the developers of said game, and as such has only appeared once in a brief cameo outside his home game.

♥♪!? is a warrior from Star Road, sent to retrieve the Star Pieces after the Star Road was shattered by Exor. When Mario and Mallow arrived in Rose Town and entered the town's inn, ♥♪!? entered the inn during the night and inhabited one of Gaz's dolls, named Geno, and assumed the name of said doll. Geno left the inn and entered the Forest Maze to fight Bowyer, and Mario entered the Forest Maze to find Geno. After Bowyer was defeted, Geno explained the situation to Mario and Mallow and joined the party.

In M.U.G.E.N, Geno has been made by Tachi; the character is notable for being very unbalanced when it was originally released, though Tachi updated the character since, making it less overpowered and fixing many of the flaws in the character, though for some reason, the character's sound effects are ripped indirectly from Super Mario RPG and still have background music in them, even after the updates; at that time, clean sound rips from the game were already available. An edit made by Superteletubbies64 exists that fixes the sound effects and makes other changes.

Tachi's versionEditicon


When Tachi's Geno was originally released in 2008, he was very overpowered, but the character has been updated since to make him less overpowered; being very accurate to the source game, he is very projectile-oriented and has all but one of his special moves from the source game as Hypers, even coming with timed hits; on the other hand, the character's sound effects are ripped indirectly and still have background music from the game in them.



  • Strangely, a version of Garfield donning Geno's attire, named Geno Garfield, has been made by Timote95, requested by GameMasterXTreme; the character is a spriteswap of an old version of Tachi's Geno with some modifications made.

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