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Artwork from Overwatch



Oldest version

Quoffee's version (2016)

Newest version

Sumin's version (2017)



Genji Shimada is an Offense hero from Blizzard Entertainment's multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch. He is the brother of Hanzo Shimada and the son of the deceased leader of the now-defunct Shimada Empire, which crumbled thanks to the efforts of Overwatch with Genji's help.

Born into the wealthy Shimada clan, Genji lived a life of luxury but never took much of an interest in the clan's illegal businesses, preferring to pursue a playboy lifestyle while still taking his ninja training very seriously. Following his father's sudden death, Hanzo demanded that his brother take a more active role in the empire's business, but Genji's constant refusal eventually lead to a brutal confrontation that left him on the brink of death; although Hanzo believed he had truly killed his brother, the actuality was that Overwatch's Angela Ziegler saved his life, promising to effectively rebuild his body in return for his help in taking down the Shimada Empire. Having helped take down his former clan, Genji questioned who he truly was, being unable to come to terms with his new cybernetic body and leaving Overwatch to search for answers; he would eventually come across Zenyatta, and although initially reluctant, eventually accepted his guidance.

In M.U.G.E.N, Genji has been made by Quoffee and Sumin2393. Quoffee's version uses sprites created by TheHunterDrake[1] and attacks using punches, kicks and sword slashes, but only features a total of six attacks, implying it may be incomplete.

Quoffee's version


Featuring a custom set of sprites that put poor Genji at just under half the size of the average martial artist, this character's rather sluggish attacks and non-existent comboability don't exactly imply a ninja heritage; on the plus side, his sneaky ninja techniques allow him to turn invisible while jumping, losing his hurtboxes in the process, so while he doesn't hit hard, he's hard to hit. Mercy's not here to save him this time around though.



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