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Balthazar & Jango

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Balthazar & Jango's version (2013)

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Balthazar & Jango's version (2013)


Chrono Trigger

Gato is a character from the game Chrono Trigger and a singing training robot built by Lucca, found at Leene Square in the Present.

The player can battle Gato for Silver Points and a few EXP, and he can be rebattled after being defeated to farm Silver Points. In battle, Gato can eject a spring-loaded fist from his navel and sing to attack the opponent. Blue paletteswaps of Gato, known as Cybots, appear as enemies in the Black Omen. Gato also appears in Chrono Cross, where he dies after Lynx burns Lucca's Orphanage down.

In M.U.G.E.N, Gato has been made by Balthazar & Jango, as a joke and boss character initially released on April Fools 2013 under the disguise of a Magus character, with the sprites made by Balthazar and the coding made by Jango.

Balthazar & Jango's version


Brought to you by members of Team Z2 ♪ Here is Gato, with his metal joints, ready to rumble in M.U.G.E.N as a boss character ♪ He may have a very small moveset and may be unable to run, jump, crouch or block ♪ But his high Life stat, Super Armor and moves that can easily interrupt the opponent make him a troublesome opponent to fight ♪ Beat him and get those sweet Silver Points ♪

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