Garden Warfare
Amingo & Dancing Banana fighting Yoshika Miyako & Lord Raptor on Garden Warfare


Flavio Camarao


MUGEN Flyper

Garden Warfare is a stage based on the game Plants vs. Zombies, using assets taken from said game, with the stage taking place in front of the player's house with the lawn and various Plants and Zombies in the background. In spite of what the name of the stage may suggest, the stage has nothing to do with the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare games.

In M.U.G.E.N, Garden Warfare has been made by Flavio Camarao.

Flavio Camarao's version

Garden Warfare
This stage does not feature any music





Super Jump




Flavio Camarao's version uses sprites taken from the Plants vs. Zombies games, though said sprites were at some point poorly compressed into jpeg format before having been used to make the stage, resulting in highly noticeable bittiness and substantial amounts of color loss throughout all of them. As a nod to the source game, the "READY... SET... PLANT!" text that appears as a countdown for the start of a level in Plants vs. Zombies will appear onscreen at the start of every round, though limitations of the engine means it naturally doesn't sync up with an actual round starting. The stage takes place in the first area of the game with combatants fighting on the sidewalk in front of the player's house and an assortment of both plants and Zombies situated on the lawn behind them, though both plants and zombies have a significantly reduced scope of movement and choppier animations compared to the source game. While the stage is high enough so that characters using a Super Jump won't usually go offscreen, this has partially come about through sacrificing the z-offset so the stage floor is only just above the bottom of the game screen, in conjunction with the lack of floortension parameter making it so any vertical movement by a character will cause the camera to start scroll upwards.