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PlasmoidThunder (formerly known as GarchompMatt) is a British M.U.G.E.N creator who started making his first character, Rotom, in the early stages of 2011; during this time, he also created the Vim Factory, which was released a few months before Rotom was, with Rotom being released on New Years Eve. Since joining the community, PlasmoidThunder has contributed few creations of his own, and has instead focused on both patches and miscellaneous add-ons for pre-existing content, outside of releasing two sets of lifebars.

PlasmoidThunder is most notable in the community as the unofficial head admin of the MUGEN Database, due to being almost directly responsible for most of the wiki's current standards and features, such as the new article layout and various visual modifications; prior to this, he was responsible for trying to clean up what was left over from the Database's previous administration, which had run the wiki's reputation into the ground over the course of several years. Outside of the Database, PlasmoidThunder runs a BGM looping service,[1][2] which involves taking requests from other users in the community and making use of M.U.G.E.N's often under-utilised ability to indefinitely loop music between two points by locating these points within the requested music and reposting it in a ready to loop form with the necessary loop values.








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  2. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops - The Mugen Fighters Guild

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