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2000 - Present

GameBanana (known as FPSBanana prior to January 1st 2011) is a video gaming website dedicated to the modification of video games, where users can share their mods, launched in mid-2000 by Sebastian as a fan site for the best selling multi-player shooter Counter Strike. Originally, it was only dedicated to mods for Counter Strike, and later other first person shooter games, but at some point it started to allow games other than first person shooters. Mods that can be submitted include skins, maps, GUIs, sounds, game files, textures and tools, though there is also a forum.

As of July 2016, GameBanana has a section for M.U.G.E.N, and a select few creators publish their content here, though a small amount of content made by someone other than the uploader is also hosted here. On the site, characters are treated as skins, stages are treated as maps and soundpacks are treated as sounds.

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