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G Magaki
G Magaki
G-Magaki's 12th palette as seen from in-game






Edit/The King of Fighters XI

G Magaki is an edited version of Jin's Magaki created by mapelao. Much like God Orochi, he is a god edit of Magaki with new moves, auras and full screen attacks.


G-Magaki takes all the standard cheapness of Magaki and makes him much stronger. His normal palettes are beatable but his AI is fairly cheap as it spams projectiles. In his 12th palette, he has a rather hideous looking black/gray color palette with a static black aura around him. He becomes unhitable by hitdefs and can only be damage by projectiles in this state and also becomes F1 proof, aside from his usual super where he fills the screen with energy he has one with inverted colors (green and black, making it instakill characters who block it), a black hole (instakills any character sucked into it), a white hole (G Magaki fires a torrent of projectiles in all directions), spams projectiles and pillars more often and has a more lethal version of his Dimension Distortion (with fiery colors, which also is an instakill technique). The odd thing is that some of his moves are actually Finisher Backgrounds (Backgrounds that flash upon defeating an opponent with a specific Super/Special/Hyper move) from regular fighting games. G-Magaki is considered somewhat very hard to kill in his 12p, but he can be insta-killed using a buggy method of killing called Chaos/F1 Killer which captures the enemy helper and creates a projectile using that helper and sends G-Magaki into statedef 600000 if the projectile is coded correctly.

It should be noted that G Magaki's black and white hole techniques are also seen with a few Orochi edits, notably The End Of God Heaven Orochi and Ancient God Orochi. Legend Gold-Metal Orochi also has an adaptation of the black hole, but in this version he summons G Magaki first before executing the move with him.


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