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Melty Blood

G-Akiha is a boss character in Melty Blood.

In M.U.G.E.N, she's the same as she is in Melty Blood. Her boss appearances appears to be based on Marvel vs. Capcom's Apocalypse. She is unique in the fact that she is one of very few female apocalypse sized characters.

G-Akiha's relations with Apocalypse

Despite being from totally different games, they both have nearly the same moveset. G-Akiha can send shockwaves when she pounds the ground, her drill comes out more quickly as she doesn't go off screen before using it, and her laser eyes are like Apocalypse's eyes. The main differences between Apocalypse and G-Akiha is the fact she doesn't come with a floor. (it's recommended you to either use her own stage or partner her with Apocalypse as she can share the floor with him). Unlike Apocalypse, she can turn around if the player gets behind her, eliminating a major weakness Apocalypse has.


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