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Fulgore Artwork Revealed
Artwork from Killer Instinct 2013


Vital Zero
Kofelsalvador10th & Werewood


Vital Zero version
Werewood version


Killer Instinct

Fulgore is a character from the Killer Instinct series, and also the series mascot. Fulgore is a cyborg developed by Ultratech to fulfill their world domination ambitions. The first Fulgore is a prototype, which is entered in the Killer Instinct tournament for testing purposes, and if it did well the next step would be mass production. Though Fulgore did very well in the tournament, it was ultimately destroyed by Jago. When Ultratech's building is sent 2000 years into the past, they manage to finish a fully functional 1.0 Fulgore model, which is programmed with a single directive: find and kill Jago.

In M.U.G.E.N, Fulgore was made by Vital Zero, Kofelsalvador10th & Werewood.

Werewood's version

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Werewood's version uses sprites from Fulgore's appearance in Killer Instinct II, and has a varied moveset with lasers, energy projectiles, a very slow teleport, and the ability to become invisible. Strangely, the "DANGER!" sound plays whenever Fulgore is hit at low health, leading to the sound playing multiple times over itself in a buggy fashion.

This version in particular has fairly difficult AI which is subdued in the first round, but reveals itself fully in later rounds. The AI will break out of the player's combos regularly if you try to combo them repeatedly in succession, and knows how to use most, if not all of Fulgore's attacks fairly well. The AI will even utilize Fulgore's ability to cloak/become invisible on uncommon occasions as a tactic to disorient the player's positioning of them before retaliating with an ultra-combo.







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Palette Gallery

Fulgore1 (Original Colors)


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