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Frame Advantage is a term used within fighting games to determine how safe or unsafe a particular move is, based on time p1 recovers from performing his attack compared to how long it takes p2 to recover from being hit by an attack. Understanding Frame Advantage is crucial to fully understanding a particular move's Frame Data. Frame Advantage is also very closely associated with Hit Stun and Block Stun.

Two types of Frame Advantage exist in fighting games, which may or may not be identical depending on the game: Frame Advantage on hit and Frame Advantage on Block. In both cases, the Frame Advantage of a move is indicated by a number preceded with either a "+" (to denote advantage) or a "-" (to denote disadvantage). The number indicates how many frames (a unit used to denote in-game time) either character is able to act before the other. Most fighting games, including M.U.G.E.N, usually run at a frame rate of 60 frames per second (or fps).


  • If a move has a Frame Advantage of +4, this means that after p1 successfully makes contact with an attack, p1 will finish the attack's animation 4 frames before p2 will recovery from being hit by that attack..
  • If a move has a Frame Advantage of -6, this means that after p1 successfully makes contact with an attack, p2 will recover from being hit by that attack 6 frames before p1 can finish the attack's animation.
  • Moves with a Frame Advantage of 0 are known to have Neutral Frame Advantage. This means that p1 will finish the attack animation at the exact same moment p2 recovers from being hit.

Frame advantages also are important in regards to combos as it allows for the linking of two moves into each other, a combo which would normally not be possible through cancelling the two moves.

In M.U.G.E.N, the easiest way to determine the frame advantages of a character's attacks is by using Training by stupa.

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