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Dian shi ma li
Title screen of Dian Shi Ma Li



Oldest version

arcadboy's version (2009)

Newest version

arcadboy's version (2009)


Dian Shi Ma Li

Fortran is a character from the Taiwanese NES bootleg gambling game Dian Shi Ma Li. He bears a close resemblance with Grand Dad, who in turn is based off Mario.

Fortran hits a block when you win points in this game. The game is infamous for the phrase "Push Start to Rich" that appears at a certain point in the game which involves pressing the Start button to make Fortran hit a block and gain points. This, along with Fortran's sprite, became a minor internet meme.

In M.U.G.E.N, Fortran has been made by arcadboy.

Arcadboy's versionEditicon


This character is a spriteswap of hsiehtm's NES Super Mario. As a result, he does not play like an average M.U.G.E.N character at all, and his only means of attacking is by jumping on the opponent. He also has a grand total of six sprites and no Special and Hypers.


See also

  • Grand Dad, a character from the NES bootleg game 7 GRAND DAD who resembles Fortran

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