A Focus Attack (known as Saving Attack in japan) is both an offensive and defensive technique from Street Fighter IV.

Executed by pressing (Y)Button-y+(B)Button-b, the player will perform an attack. This attack usually has slow startup and is unsafe on block, but gives the player super armor that will allow them to take 1 hit without having the attack be interrupted. The Focus Attack can charged by holding down (Y)Button-y+(B)Button-b, at which it will gain different properties based on its current level:

  • Level 1: Default type. Will crumple opponents that are in an attack state.
  • Level 2: Player will flash white. Will crumple opponents on hit.
  • Level 3: Player will flash yellow, at which point it will be done automatically. The attack crumples the opponent on hit and is unblockable.

The Focus Attack can be cancelled at any time during the startup frames by pressing Button-B Button-B or Button-F Button-F to dash. Focus Attacks can also be cancelled into from any grounded special attack at the expense of 1/2 of the super meter (equivalent to 500 power in M.U.G.E.N). Cancelling a special with a focus attack and then immediately cancelling with a dash is known as a Focus Attack Dash Cancel, which can be used to extend combos.

A variation known as a Red Focus Attack exists in Ultra Street Fighter IV. In addition to all the properties of a normal Focus Attack, a Red Focus grants armor against multiple hits instead of just one hit. Unlike a regular Focus Attack, however, a Red Focus requires meter in other to perform.

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