Fliz Emerald
Fliz Emerald
Artwork of Fliz Emerald


Juke Kisaragi

Oldest version

Juke Kisaragi's version (2004)

Newest version

Juke Kisaragi's version (2004)



Fliz Emerald is the first of three original King of Fighters characters created for M.U.G.E.N. by Juke Kisaragi, along with Flamme Ametrine and Lyzer Spinel, being the first one of the trio to be created. She uses ice based powers, much like Kula Diamond, whom she is based off of and sprite edited from.

Juke Kisaragi's version


Being yet another Kula edit, Fliz has ice based powers and some of the same abilities as Kula herself. That being said, Fliz plays like one would expect a King of Fighters character to play. It also has access to Supercancels and MAX-Hypers.


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