Flamme Ametrine
Flamme Ametrine
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Juke Kisaragi

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Juke Kisaragi's version

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Juke Kisaragi's version



Flamme Ametrine is the second of three original King of Fighters characters created by Juke Kisaragi, along with Fliz Emerald and Lyzer Spinel. She uses purple fire based powers, much like Iori Yagami. Not much information is known about Flamme, except that she's 19 years old, is born a Febuary 16 and love sing, play sports, picked puppies and eat roasty birds.

In M.U.G.E.N, Flamme Ametrine was made by her creator, Juke Kisaragi.

Juke Kisaragi's version


This Kula combines edit elements from both the original and Iori Yagami, playing like a The King of Fighters character with access to Guard Cancel Blowback, Supercancels and Dreamcancels. Flamme is an agile and ardent fighter with plenty of combos and an A.I. that might end up burning the opponent to a cinder.