Flame Hyenard
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RicePigeon's version (2010)

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RicePigeon's version (2010)


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Flame Hyenard is one of the eight Mavericks from Mega Man X7.

Hyenard was once a member of the Red Alert syndicate, a group of vigilante reploids that hunted Mavericks by whatever means were available to them, lawful or otherwise; ironically, it was due to this tendency to act outside of the law that they too were eventually branded as Mavericks. After Sigma used his influence to manipulate Red Alert's actions, Hyenard, like most of the other members, became infected with the Sigma Virus. Unlike the other members, however, the virus caused Hyenard physical pain and suffering, driving him crazy and attacking X, Zero, and Axl out of the delusional belief that killing them was the only way for the pain to cease. Hyenard's descent into madness is further emphasized by his pyromania and loud, erratic speech patterns consisting solely of "BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND!" throughout the entire fight with him, earning him notoriety among Mega Man X fans as one of the most annoying bosses in the series.

In M.U.G.E.N, Flame Hyenard has been made once by RicePigeon as a joke character.

RicePigeon's versionEditicon

With no way to possibly be beaten by a standard character, this Flame Hyenard is a joke character that wants nothing more than to cause a fiery apocalypse at the touch of a button, burning all and sundry until their charred remains are one with the earth beneath them. Don't worry about forgetting this character's pyromaniacal intentions, as he will be constantly reminding you of them.

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