Flame Hyenard
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RicePigeon's version (2010)

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RicePigeon's version (2010)


Mega Man

Flame Hyenard is one of the eight Mavericks from Megaman X7. He used to be part of Red Alert, a group that hunted Mavericks (though challenged the law at times in order to do so). However, he was driven crazy by the influence of the Sigma Virus, and fights the heroes out of the belief that destroying them would end his insufferable pain.

In M.U.G.E.N, Flame Hyenard has been made once by RicePigeon, though as a joke character which slowly drains an opponent's Life while constantly screaming the infamous "BURN TO THE GROUND" line.

RicePigeon's versionEditicon

With no way to possibly be beaten by a standard character, this Flame Hyenard is a joke character that wants nothing more than to cause a fiery apocalypse at the touch of a button, burning all and sundry until their charred remains are one with the earth beneath them. Don't worry about forgetting this character's pyromaniacal intentions, as he will be constantly reminding you of them.

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