Final Fantasy is a series of RPG games and the flagship series of Square-Enix. Named after the original installment of the series, the first Final Fantasy was so aptly named under the expectation that it would be the last fantasy-themed RPG game developed by the company (then known as Square Co., Ltd); upon the game's massive success, however, the company continued to produce sequels and spin-offs under the Final Fantasy title.

Each main game in the series serves as its own independent entry, complete with their own cast of characters and setting, with the events of previous entries in the series having no influence on the plot of later games; despite this, certain elements and recurring characters, such as the Chocobo, Cactaur and Gilgamesh, appear across multiple games in the series despite not sharing any continuity or setting. Some games, however, have their own direct sequels, such as Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Final Fantasy XIII-2, which take place within the same universes as Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy XIII, respectively. Due to the massive number of games and media taking place within the same universe as it, Final Fantasy VII and its associated direct sequels and prequels have become collectively known as Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy I Characters

Final Fantasy II Characters

  • Emperor Mateus Palamecia

Final Fantasy IV Characters

  • Cecil Harvey
  • Kain Highwind
  • Rydia

Final Fantasy V Characters

  • Exdeath
  • Omega

Final Fantasy VI Characters

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Characters

Final Fantasy VIII Characters

  • Rinoa Heartilly
  • Squall Leonheart

Final Fantasy IX Characters

Final Fantasy X Characters

  • Jecht
  • Tidus
  • Yuna

Final Fantasy XI Characters

  • Shantotto

Final Fantasy XII Characters

  • Montblanc

Final Fantasy XIII Characters

  • Lightning Farron

Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

Recurring Final Fantasy Characters

  • Atomos
  • Bahamut
  • Cactuar
  • Chocobo
  • Leviathan
  • Ramuh
  • Tonberry


Final Fantasy V Stages

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Stages

  • Battle Square Arena
  • Jenova's Chamber
  • Midgar
  • Mount Nibel Reactor
Final Fantasy
FFI CharactersBlack Mage
FFVI CharactersKefka Palazzo
FFVII CharactersAerith GainsboroughBahamut SINCloud StrifeSephiroth (Safer) • Vincent Valentine
FFIX CharactersVivi Ornitier
FF Tactics CharactersAgrias Oaks
StagesBetween Dimensions

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