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Contestants: Popeye (v99 by DDR Creations)-Played by Me Nutty Evil Dan (Evil Dan by ilcane87) (Nutty Soundpack by LuwiigiMaster)-AI Controlled

Stage: Daffy's Animation Studio (by Wildee87)

Background Music: Dare to be Stupid (by Weird Al Yankovic)

Description: Since I've been playing Smash Bros. Brawl, I'm a bit rusty. But I did my best, as this is one character I've been dying to recruit. You know him, you love him, you can't live with him, the one, the only, Evil Dan.

Something seems amiss here though, why on earth does he sound......well, nutty? As if somewhere deep down, his hilarious comedic personality is still trying to fight for dominance over his powerful Evil self. The result is what you see here, a strange yet titanic battle of the comedians, in a place that's even nuttier than my grandfather eating buttered scones inside a barrel of monkey wax while playing in the mud.

As for Nutty Evil Dan (on a more serious note), he's basically just ilcane87's creation , only with a new soundpack courtesy of LuwigiiMaster. His AI is the same as most Mugen players well know, except (well it may be me but) he seems to have gotten a tad tougher being nutty, AI-wise that is. The soundpack is the only thing that was changed. Weird no?

ilcane87 basically asked for permission from a lot of well known authors and creators at the time for help for his creation. Including Reuben-Kee, whom he based Evil Dan upon Reuben's creation, Evil Ken (all of it is listed in his readme). As such, he has the ability to go into a super out of an Asura Warp and he has the ability to combo into and out of his Ground-Slam throw (although he has a cap of about 11-13 hits. Any moves after, even supers will not land....there are a few special exceptions, but they are really sparse and sort of hard to pull off (least in my experience). Also he has the trademark Reuben 10% chance for his level 1 supers to go over the top with damage (known as Meta Super Special Moves, or MSSM's). But he also has what ilcane87 calls MWSM's, or Meta Weak Special Moves. Means his level 1 MSSM's also have a 10% chance of becoming very weak and doing insignificant damage, and some change how the super is performed as well. For some reason, at least in my experimentation, the CPU always seems to hit the 10% a lot more often than a player does.

There are other well documented differences and strategies listed in his readme as well as in other players experiences fighting against/as him. This fight will initiate both Nutty and Regular Evil Dan, as both are really one-and-the-same. And the video will show the rest of what he's got. Without further ado, enjoy.

Note: In the 4th round, Popeye decided to jam out a bit with Weird Al.

Disclaimer: All characters, stages, and music is trademarked and copyrighted by their respective owners/creators. These videos are made with the sole intent of providing others enjoyment/discontentment (depending on the individual's perspective) and is in no way, shape, or form sold, distributed or used for any type of gain, monetary or otherwise. Without further ado, enjoy.

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