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Buttercup vs 2 knuckle joes My roster for battle requests: Kung fu man Homer Simpson Mario Luigi Rigby Stewie Bartman Bowser Kirby Modercai Finn and Jake Peter Griffin Yoshi Ed Freddy Kruger Mickey Mouse Nostalgia Critic Songebob Alien Hominid Heavy weapons guy Toothy (happy tree friends) Mr burns as dracula Derp Elastigirl Ren Evil Homer Bender Giant Chicken Master shake Eric Cartman Mr. Incredible Sackboy Wario Krusty the clown Donkey Kong Billy Sonic Metaknight Princess bubblegum Gallade Pikachu Waluigi Link Mr game and watch Audino Marvin the martian Rayman Onix Mr.l Chowder Indiana jones Stimpy Kamek Dancing Banana (Peanut Butter Jelly time) Kyle Brovloski Giant Bowling Ball Blaziken Snorlax Broccalon Muscle Man Metal Sonic Rampardos Beedrill Paper Mario Umbreon Gardevoir Ness Tepig scolipede Ice King Blossom Alien Mecha birdo Oshawott Tails Dopefish Chansey Chargin Chuck Registeel Zim Gengar Buttercup Lakitu Wispy Woods Rotom Magikarp KungFu Stickman Fox Banjo and Kazooie Rayquaza King K. Rool Princess Peach Petey Piranha Lucario Hammer Bro Knuckle joe Tyranitar Knuckles Wobbufett Daniel Koopa troopa Crash Bandicoot Stunfisk Hugo simpson Kang Scrafty Mars people Flareon Kenny Patrick Star Bloo Destroyus Sniffles Brian Dexter Fat albert Bubbles Darwin Mandark Mung Daal Marge Servine Duck Dodgers Dib Ytp Robotnik Opera Elmer Timmy Turner Taz Kitty Katswell Bugs Bunny Leela

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  • Buttercup

    Buttercup is one of the three main characters in the animated televison series, The Powerpuff...

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