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Title is the name of one of Bad Mr. Frosty's supers in Clayfighter 63 1/3. It technically references this Len. Thanks to Dissidia for making this possible.

Now, I would've never noticed this Napalmman unless I was linked to the video where he was released. Oh god this sucks. Portrait is upscaled and misaligned. Debug on intro and backdash. When he walks forward, all of his CLSNs move IN FRONT OF HIM. Priorities are everywhere. SuperBGs last longer than the actual supers. QCF 2P does 315 damage (115 too high). QCB 2K does 390 from afar and is an INSTANT KILL up close. His supers give back a high amount of power. He has no jump or crouch attacks; if you hit a button during jumps or crouches, you just get debug and no attack. QCB K is very spammable and there's no startup or cooldown on anything. He can cancel supers into other supers. According to his CMD he has an Alpha Counter. He has two infintes at least, hold F and mash X or Y on a cornered opponent; both work. His taunt has too much envshake. His AI is ultra-spammy and will abuse QCB K and QCF P until you lose. This is one of the worst Megaman chars I have ever tried or fought.

Now, Nrvsnqr Len is a strange breed. It's a Len edit from June that went totally unnoticed. F mash A is an infinite. Priorities on pretty much everything. She has Nero's voice, which is weird. QCB A is weird; it summons Kotomine from Fate/Stay Night (does a psychic shot), Nrvsnqr Chaos (does a swipe), Sol Badguy (does a jump slash), or Balrog (grab and smash). Chaos and Sol can hurt both, and you can summon more than one at a time, but it really doesn't help. Deer super looks awkward, as it doesn't use many sprites. Getting hit out of DP A/B (Deer special) causes a helper issue. QCF Y is just invisible KFM throw with his voice. Her winposes are unfinished, so she either turns into Nero (which is how Nrvsnqr is pronounced) or just disappears. Crouch B also chains into crouch C a bit too well, and damage is a little (just a little) high. Amongst all this, it's Ouchi's first really fun char.

Char used: Nrvsnqr (Nero, N-Len) Len by Ouchi Against: MvC Napalmman by Travis Y. Stage: Red Ring of Death by FlamingRedHead BGM: Super Mario 64 - Bowser Stages (Remixed by MadraDot)

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