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Neptune is not only the 8th planet in the solar system (I still count Pluto, and all planets but Earth were Roman deity names), but was the Roman name for Poseidon in Roman mythology.

Now, I hate the existence of this Kyosuke edit, but if you're a regular viewer of my videos, you already know that. Well, I was looking for an opponent with 200 defense and 2000 life, and I figured after killing him with Angel Ken (#166), Sanae Kothiya (#250), Immaterial and Missing Power Reiuji Utsuho (#356), and four of them with Possibility of Chizuru (#459), I figured one more was in store where he actually dies. CLSNs are horrible. Damage sucks. Sprites are misaligned to the extreme (hell it makes Lenja's Zetsumei Ougi look bad). His air throw is just a gethit state (with voice!) that somehow throws the opponent. He can move freely while the striker is onscreen. Many times his combo super doesn't catch the opponent correctly. His taunt is a winpose. Voices make no sense ("Ask a question" while having someone shoot arrows at the opponent?). Voice ripping is terrible; there's BG noise on everything. Lastly, it's a raping of Jin Kazama's Sabretooth. Oh god. That Sabretooth was actually pretty good, but this is a disgrace to MvC, Sabretooth, Kyosuke, and the Question in general. It's sucks, and I don't like it.

Now, Lenja is a double mode char (and you can switch modes by taunting), and the blue mode I assume is Suija mode. Moves are totally different (HCF+Y (blade spin), QCB+A in air (air throw), QCF+A (leg grab), DP+Y (defensive bubble), and that's about it). QCF+Y+Z is now a slew of pillars rather than a combo, and QCF+X+Y is now a grab to bubble instead of a combo, normal mode cutting the opponent up and filling the bubble with blood, rage mode comboing as the bubble rises. Now, since Lenja is a public beta, not using a super in Max Mode gives her two bars (mostly for testing purposes) and her Zetsumei Ougi can be done in any round and does not have the damage requirement in either. It also has Melty Blood's Last Arc activation rather than Samurai Shodown's QCB+Y+B (in Mugen terms); parry during Rage Mode. You get treated to a fun (and out of character) Zetsumei Ougi of Suija's. It doesn't have slash sounds on the rise either. I don't like how QCF+X+Y (either mode) in Sogetsu mode has basically no range, unlike the same super in Sogetsu mode. It gets really cumbersome to use, but it's really nice when pulled off. Her damage overall is a bit high, even for Samurai Shodown standards, but not that much over. It's great.

Char used: Lenja by 3ha Against: The Question by Team Spoiler Stage: Gradius 2 - Crystal World by Magma Dragoon BGM: Gradius 2 (Arcade) - Crystal World (stage 3)

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