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Title is based on an alternate form of the Hulk, who gets power from heat. Originally, Fate Copy was planned. Though not planned to be, consider this a bit of a gift for 200 subscribers. Thanks bros.

Now, back in #89, I fought IMT's take on normal Hulk. Since it was so hilariously bad I decided to again. I haven't played MvC1 in a long time, but so much is wrong that it's painful. First, the base was Kong's Hulk. That alone is a death sentence for quality, unless you're zvitor, FerchogtX, or from what I'm told, Z.A.I.). He's WAY too fast, diagonal Gamma Charge should not be ground unblockable, damage is too high, defense is too high, Gamma Crush should hit multiple times if the first hit connects, not knock down and whiff every subsequent hit, launcher goes in the wrong direction (not up, but at a 75 degree angle), C and Z should not launch like that, CLSNs are terrible, he feels completely wrong, transformation intro has him go from Kyosuke to SNES sprites to MvC ("PUNY HUMAN" has his clothes explode like he's Hulk sized when he's human sized), and the voices. Oh, the voices were done by a fellow named SpiderMew. He tried to sound really tough into a microphone, but wow, they come off as just horrid and unfitting. Also, there's Hulk's original voices still mixed in. The only reason why I still have this is for the laugh factor because this is quite possibly almost the worst Hulk in mugen (the worst being Kong's original).

Now, while RicePigeon was releasing and updating Mokou, Kohaku made a Mokou based on HINOMOTO's. Her specials are oddly command specific. Her QCF attack only works with Z, QCB attack only works with Y and Z, and DP attack only with Y and Z. This is quite an error. Her level 3 voice is rather muffled, Damage is a little high (mainly on level 2s and level 3), and feels a bit incomplete. Having both forms of Keine as strikers is a nice touch though, and aside from these issues, she's not bad.

Char used: Fujiwara no Mokou by Kohaku (based on Mokou by HINOMOTO) Against: Incredible Hulk by Acey (voices by SpiderMew, based on Hulk by Kong) Stage: Obsolete Ruins by AZAMI BGM: Megaman 20th Anniversary (Rock album) - Wily Castle stages 1 and 2 (Megaman 2)

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