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Here's all the super moves, including the critical supers. This Evil Ryu, by far, is the most overbalanced, and wouldn't say broken, but technically the most difficult the fight and play against because he has so many combos, thanks to this author, called Reu, but he's more known as Reuben Kee. May you rest in peace, bro.

Well, anyway, enjoy the video as I put all the super moves list here: One thing I did not feature here was the CvS2 Custom Combo style. Next video might be Evil Ken.

Super Moves:

One Bar Super combos:



Metsu Joudan Sokotou Geri: hcf 2kicks Ryu thrusts his leg out in a more powerful side-stepping side kick and sends his opponent flying away.


Shin Shoryuken: qcf, qcf kick Ryu unleashes the ultimate dragon punch!


Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku: qcb, qcb kick (directional arrows) Ryu Does a super hurricane kick which sucks opponents in.


Misogi: d, d, d kick Ryu will transverse his physical form above his opponent to drop onto him while delivering a ki encompassed chop.


Kongou Kokuretsu Zan: d, d, d punch Ryu strikes the ground with immense force, creating an upward splash of immense energy.


Kuuchuu Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku: qcb, qcb kick (air) Ryu Does a super hurricane kick which sucks opponents in and Ryu gains mobility. Use directional arrows to move Ryu during the move.


Shinkuu Hadouken: qcf, qcf punch Ryu gathers unstable energy force and blasts it out for a random number of hits.


Kuuchuu Shinkuu Hadouken: qcf, qcf punch (In Air) Ryu gathers unstable energy force and blasts it out mid air for a random number of hits.


Tenma Gou Zankuu: qcb, qcb punch (In Air) Ryu Fires two vacuum fireballs down at his opponent.


Garyuu Messhuu: qcf, qcf kick (In Air) Ryu Does a focused dive kick which will strike the opponent with lightning force if successful.

Two bar super combos:

Three bar super combos:

Kaze No Ken: hcf 2 punches Ryu's most powerful move. Ryu Will pummel his opponent with one massive blow to send them flying!

-Tenrai No Ken: lp, mp, forward, lk, mk (During hit of Kaze No Ken) Ryu's Suprise finisher for the Kaze no Ken!

Metsu Hadouken: qcb, qcb, punch (hold punch to charge)

Ryu charges up for the ultimate hadouken! During charge up, Ryu's body is immersed in electrical force. Any contact with opponents will shock them. Ryu can walk forward and backward during charge up Ryu can charge up for 4 different levels of hadouken.

1 level charge causes stun. Opponent will be rendered dizzy open recovery from hit.

2 level charge causes electrical burn. Opponent will experience short bursts of electrical discharge for a short period of time.

3 level charge causes stun and electrical burn

Full level charge: Ryu will reverse the flow of Chi, creating a great vacuum and releasing the greatest hadouken.

Special Modes:

CVS2 Custom combo mode: heavy punch heavy kick

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