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So, here's 40 Extra Stages after releases DLC Pack Patch Part 4. Those Stages are for any characters that have not MUGENized yet or the better version than previous author's version. In TFGAF Template Folder, there's a DEF file called "WantedCharacters.def" and it shows an Wishlist that characters should be MUGENized or making better versions. Also in the Wishlists are more than that any characters which included Extra Stages.

Stage List :

0:00 Chesnaught's Stage 0:22 Swampert's Stage 0:49 Infernape's Stage 1:14 Empoleon's Stage 1:34 Roserade's Stage 1:55 Emboar's Stage 2:11 Simisage's Stage 2:30 Simisear's Stage 2:49 Simipour's Stage 3:09 Lilligant's Stage 3:28 XXL Cinccino's Stage 3:49 Gothitelle's Stage 4:05 Delphox's Stage 4:24 Florges' Stage 4:44 Diancie's Stage 5:03 Decidueye's Stage 5:22 Incineroar's Stage 5:40 Primarina's Stage 6:00 Crabominable's Stage 6:17 Oricorio's Stage 1 6:36 Oricorio's Stage 2 6:52 Oricorio's Stage 3 7:08 Oricorio's Stage 4 7:25 XXL Ribombee's Stage 7:42 Lurantis' Stage 8:03 Salazzle's Stage 8:22 XXL Comfey's Stage 8:41 Golisopod's Stage 9:01 Tapu Koko's Stage 9:17 Tapu Lele's Stage 9:34 Tapu Bulu's Stage 9:55 Tapu Fini's Stage 10:14 Magearna's Stage 10:35 Latios' Stage 10:57 Artemis' Stage 11:13 Regulus' Stage 11:30 Dion Blaster's Stage 11:50 Rawk Hawk's Stage 12:09 Mardock's Stage 12:27 T.T.'s Stage

By the way, soon i wish i want to see that TwinBee fights against Emboar, Craft-Robo fights against Salazzle and McGill fights against Rawk Hawk.

TFGAF Special Download :!tfgaf/cxrf

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