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Bonne Jenet and her merry men were having a wonderful christmas in their private igloo. They were opening presents, telling stories, listening to the radio, and decking out their totally awesome christmas tree. When suddenly... Santa Clause shows up, but he's not saying ho ho ho, and he didn't come to eat cookies and drink eggnog. Nope, he came with an evil plan to RUIN CHRISTMAS FOREVER!!! And he's brought three friends with him. Will Bonne Jenet save christmas. She decided to take the fight outside. Then, wouldn't you know, Snoopy VS The Red Baron starts playing on the radio.

Edge: I got this guy from a Final Fantasy pack filled with another set of crappy characters, and a few okay ones. This guy, however, is horrible. Limited attacks, glitchy pallet on attacking sprites, and sometimes when you knock him down, he won't get up, just like Squirtel off the same sight.

KING OF RETARDS: This guy is another punching bag. I just don't get the point of punching bags. This guy can do nothing but spout five different quotes from his mouth. Die! It's over nineTHOUSAAAAAAND!!! SPAGETTI!!! Ah ah ah ah ah, nufoymigrof(I have no Idea what this quote says here. It comes from Actarus's Peter Griffon.) *Music Plays.* Can't touch me. You suck diddly uck! Plus the only way to really kill this guy is either with a really powerfull attack or with a grapple.

Ghastly: Comes from the same site Edge and Squirtel come from. This is probably the most lazy mugen character ever made. Let me tell it to you, Heather Laurence style. Here is what the creator was thinking. "I'm gonna make a cool mugen character, and have fun doing it." Yeah right. First off, GHASTLY IS NOT RED!!! Why did this guy decided to make Ghastly red. I don't know. "I'm gonna make a cool mugen character, and have fun doing it." Then we get to the fact that he can't jump. Normal mugen characters can jump, or fly. But this guy can only move back and fourth. "I'm gonna make a cool mugen character, and have fun doing it." Oh, boo. He only has one attack where he shoots a cone of darkness up into the air. That's it. "I'm gonna make a cool mugen character, and have fun doing it." There are only two sprites on this guy. Ghastly himself, and the cone. I mean seriously, you could have at LEAST put SOME EFFORT!!! "I feal like an idiot." Don't say that, you're not an idiot, you're lazy, there's a difference. "I QUIT!!!" Don't think of it as quitting. Think of it as winning the award for worst mugen character in mugen history.

Papai Noel(Santa Clause): Except for maybe this guy. That's right, our dear old saint nick became a retard. How? Because along the way, he drank too many Sam Adams Seasonals and got drunk. Thee end. Now let me tell you about this guy. He has about the worst sprites and worst sprite placement I've ever seen. Not to mention, it's just a spriteswap of Kamesensin. Oh dear, and I would have considered this horrible even if it wasn't a spriteswap, but now you have just beaten Pico and Ghastly and become the new worst mugen character of all time.

Sorry for plowing through these guys like a bulldozer. There really wasn't much to show for the first three. But I had a little something planned for Santa clause. You will find out when you watch the video.

BGM: Snoopy's Christmas by the Royal Guardsmen. (This is probably one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time.)

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