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Female Ninja UMK3
Female Ninja UMK3's Portrait




Skarlet Palette


Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Female Ninja UMK3 are a group of different characters in one file created by Juano16. This character includes all the female ninjas from Mortal Kombat III game.

Selecting Ninjas Edit

The way this works is that each character has been assigned to a palette number and when that palette is selected, the player gets all the moves from that ninja. The characters which are included are...

  • Jade - Palette 3,6,9,12

Gameplay Edit

These characters are all in general very accurate to how the fight in the original game having quite advance AI and having the same damage settings to a MK character as well as health and defence settings. Because of this, this character has gained a good reputation by the community. If you want more specific infomation about each ninja's fighting style and movelist, please click on the name shown above.


In addition to this, all the ninja's have the ability to perform there original fatalities as well as stage fatalities. Stages which can perform stage fatalities include...

If you try to perform a stage fatailty on any other stage, a row of spikes will apper at the top of the stage and the opponent will be uppercut into them.

Video Edit

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