Fat Tony
The Fat Tony vinyl figure created by Ron English



Oldest version

HANBAHAN's version (2012)

Newest version

HANBAHAN's version (2012)



Fat Tony is an obese parody of Kellogg's own Tony the Tiger, the advertising mascot of Frosted Flakes/Frosties. Much like Tony, Fat Tony is a mascot of his own brand of cereal known as Sugar Frosted Fat, owned by Killikidds; both names are fictitious and parodic in nature.

Unlike Frosted Flakes/Frosties, Sugar Frosted Fat guarantees that each bowl contains a natural source of saturated fat, with Fat Tony stating "They're gr-r-rooooss!" on the front of the box. According to the box, Sugar Frosted Fat is not recommended for human consumption, but is what children crave, and is apparently a delicious short-cut to attention deficit disorder.[1] Fat Tony himself is also referred to as "a ton of tiger with a short shelf life".[2]

In M.U.G.E.N, Fat Tony has been made by HANBAHAN. It uses custom sprites inspired by the Fat Tony vinyl figure and makes use of Sagat's Tiger Shot and Tiger Uppercut, as well as the sound effect for the latter from Street Fighter II.

HANBAHAN's versionEditicon


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, though this tiger seems to have eaten breakfast all day. Being as obese as it is, Fat_Tony is rather sluggish and isn't particularly good at comboing, but what it lacks in speed and comboability, it certainly makes up for with sheer power. There seems to be a little bit of Sagat in this character.



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