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F1 Killer (sometimes known as Chaos or Konsen) is a coding method that refers to characters who can kill F1. This method much like the OTHK method is very complex and comes in many forms, the most common form is having the screen spammed with invisible hitdef helpers which capture the enemy helpers and custom state them, depending on how the projectile coding is coded. It will create a projectile which only affects the root (what created the helper) and can be used to send the character into its own kill state. This method is sometimes used with Devil's Eye Killer to kill the infamous Devil's Eye. Another form of Chaos also exists known as Dynamic Chaos, this version uses variables to track states and will basically use these to find a weakness in the enemy coding. ONI-MIKO-X uses this coding method to kill characters such as F1.

One example of a character who uses this method is Killer Colonel, his 12th palette uses this method to capture the helpers and force them into a custom state.